The cool waters of Loch Broom offer good visibility and interesting diving. The wreck of the Fairweather, at the entrance to the loch, is particularly attractive.



The Fairweather V ran aground in 1992 at the west end of Annat Bay, eight miles out of Ullapool.

Slightly further out, but still within easy reach by rib are The Summer Isles. This small archipelago of about 40 islands harbours a wealth of dive sites.

The waters around the islands are warmed by the Gulf Stream, which in turn creates a thriving marine environment. Visibility is often in excess of 15 metres due to the clear pollution free waters. Tides in the area are not generally significant, the exception being on a few exposed headlands.

Ullapool is an ideal centre to stay while exploring other dive sites along the north-west coast. Ullapool Sub-aqua Club can provide further information